Blockchain Gaming Meetup @Devcon5 Ethereum Conference (Osaka)

Attending Devcon5 in Osaka and curious to learn more about:
- what is a blockchain game?
- what are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and how they differ from traditional crypto-currencies?
- what are the benefits decentralized gaming?
- what is Play to Earn?

Get answers to these questions (and many more), and meet with the buidlers behind the most exciting or anticipated blockchain game projects. Founders will be sharing their efforts, considerations and know-hows on designing play to earn, play to own user experiences and meta game elements.

Meetup Location & Time

Date: October 7th, 7PM-9.30PM
Location: The Deck (https://thedeck.jp/)
Address: Japan, 〒541-0054 Osaka, Chuo Ward, Minamihonmachi, 2 Chome−1−1 本町サザンビル 1F


- 19:00-19:10 - F1 Delta Time (Sean Dudley, Snr. Product Manager)
- 19:10-19:20 - Experimental (Matيas Nisenson, CEO)
- 19:20-19:30 - The Sandbox (Sebastien Borget, COO)
- 19:30-19:40 - MagicLand (Nariya Takemura, CEO)
- 19:40-19:50 - Cheeze Wizards (Benny Giang, Founding Team Member)
- 19:50-20:00 - Hyper Snakes (Mary Ma, MixMarvel)
- 20:00-20:10 - Bitski (Patrick Tescher, CTO)
- 20:10-20:20 - Cartesi (Colin Steil, Co-Founder & COO)
- 20:20-20:30 - EOS Knights (Jay Lee, Co-Founder & CEO, Biscuit)
- 20:30-20:40 - OpenSea (Devn Finzer, Co-Founder)
- 20:40-21:10 - Panel + Questions hosted by Matthew Campbell (Loom Network) and with the following speakers:
  • Bitski, Donnie Dinch
  • Harmony, Nick White
  • MyCryptoHeroes, Michael Arnold
  • Experimental, Matias Nisenson
  • Cartesi, Felipe Argento
- 21:10-21:30 - Networking

Blockchain Games Presented


The Sandbox is the blockchain game (dGame) & asset (NFT) creation and monetization platform. It features 3 main components: a 3D Voxel Editor (NFT builder), a Marketplace and the Game Maker. We're empowering Players and Creators and providing an easy way to create & own the content in the games they play through the use of blockchain technology and non-fungible tokens

CryptoWars is the first strategy game to fully run on smart contracts, everything you obtained in-game, is really yours on the Ethereum blockchain. An epic decentralized civilization is rising. Build and customize your village, form alliances, summon an army and go to war with your enemies to take control of all realms.

F1® Delta Time is a blockchain-based game which will utilise the ERC-721 and ERC-20 standards, and run on the Ethereum blockchain.
The game will center around the collection and trading of unique Cars, Drivers and Components – all of which will exist as non-fungible tokens (NFTs) based on the ERC-721 token standard.

Cheeze Wizards is the world's first blockchain battle royale with cheese.
In the world of Cheeze Wizards, magic is power, power is ether, and being the Big Cheeze is everything.

MagicLand is GPS related Blockchain game, connected with the real Earth. You can buy and own your land assets that You can own land-nft and related assets, and you can get items, characters and cryptocurrency by defeating monsters that appear all over the world.
We aim to be the world's largest blockchain game with asset value.

EOS Knights is the world’s first Mobile Native App. blockchain game.
You can craft ~200 items and trade them with other players.
Battle with goblins! Collect materials! Craft items! Build village with knights.


Sebastien BORGET

COO & Co-Founder, The Sandbox
Sébastien Borget is the Co-founder and COO of Pixowl (acquired by Animoca Brands in 2018). Passionate for blockchain technology, gaming and education, he is a very active speaker and evangelist on the opportunity Non-Fungible Tokens brings to gaming. He is now building the metaverse with The Sandbox, one of the most anticipated blockchain games of 2019, that is making user-made NFTs accessible to everyone through its decentralized gaming platform.

Matias Nisenson
CEO, Experimental
Matías started working at age 16 with his current partner Luciano, while in high school he already had 10 employees. With no formal education, he founded Tiempy.com that was sold on 2016 to a European competitor, being Matias' first successful exit. In 2017 Matías founded Experimental (https://e11.io/), the blockchain gaming studio behind CryptoWars, the first strategy game in the world to be fully decentralized. Experimental has a 10 people team in Buenos Argentina and raised a $500k seed round.
In 2019, founded Hookpad, the Ready-to-consume data from the blockchain infrastructure provider. (https://hookpad.io/)

Sean Dudley
Senior Product Manager, Animoca Brands
Having been working in games for over 15 years and starting out on traditional consoles, Sean has experienced the more contemporary changes within the industry, through developing titles for Facebook, through mobile and today, with blockchain.
Currently hands on with the development of F1 Delta Time, he is also involved in a large span of Animoca Brands’ initiatives as they relate to blockchain, including platforms, technologies and user facing products. Ultimately, with the goal of merging traditional games with the possibilities blockchain could provide.

Benny Giang
Founding Team Member, Dapper Labs
Benny is responsible for exploring new markets for blockchain games and occasionally new frontiers for non-fungible tokens at Dapper Labs. Benny led the go to market for CryptoKitties and helped grow the early community for blockchain games. He organized the showcase of CryptoKitties at the Ethereal Summit in NYC (which sold a $140K kitty in an auction for charity). Since the launch of CryptoKitties Benny has led and advised the Cheeze Wizards team, another Dapper Labs studio project on the launch. Within 24 hours of going live with Cheeze Wizards, the big cheeze prize reached 290 ETH.

Colin Steil
Co-Founder & COO, Cartesi
Colin is an execution master with years of experience in community and business operations across the globe. Colin is a previous venture capitalist and start-up founder with a specialty in the Asian ecosystem. Colin first got involved in blockchain in early 2017 and is passionate about making it a reality and building out the decentralized web. Colin leads operations at Cartesi where they are working on off-chain computation using a decentralized Linux infrastructure.

Michael Arnold
Engineer, doublejump.tokyo (MyCryptoHeroes)
Prior to joining doublejump, Michael founded the Berlin based esports fan engagement platform PatronGG that was sold to BITKRAFT Esports Ventures in 2018. Since Michael bought his first CryptoKitty in 2017, he’s been fascinated by the opportunities NFTs bring to digital entertainment and ownership. This excitement led him to dive into blockchain, learn programming, and eventually move to Tokyo to join doublejump, where he combines his excitement for NFTs with his passion for gaming.

Jay Lee
Co-Founder & CEO, Biscuit
Jay leads Biscuit team. He and team aim to create and redefine FUN game powered by blockchain and to entertain as many people as possible. Prior to founding Biscuit, Jay work as COO for elice; coding education platform, Principal at The Boston Consulting Group (BCG); Management consulting firm, and Smartphone hardware engineer at Samsung electronics.

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Blockchain Gaming Meetup @Devcon5 Ethereum Conference (Osaka)